Thursday, April 18, 2013

A magical scent...

Perfume Bottle Charm Bracelet
Dating back to Biblical anointing oils, fragrance as art and science is ancient. It has the power to invite notice, suggest a mood, prompt a memory and refresh the spirit – all through an invisible means. The combination of these magical “powers” and the expense of manufacturing have rendered it a substance worthy of exquisite containers.

The golden age of perfume bottle design and production occurred between 1900 and 1935. The perfume tray had become a permanent display on a lady's vanity table. Along with favorite jewelry and cosmetics, decorative perfume bottles were treasured articles. DeVilbiss, Baccarat and Steuben are but a few of the companies that fashioned exquisite perfume bottles for the vanity. 

Aqua Bohemian Perfume Bottle
Blown and molded glass flasks and decanters were placed into metal fittings, including large stoppers and bases. Finish ornament included lavish designs in crystal, enamel, beads and filigrees; International fragrance companies contracted factories in Bohemia and France to produce specialty designs for their commercially marketed perfumes.

Today, vintage decanters have nearly vanished into the possession of collectors. I’ve revived the tradition of designing and manufacturing jeweled bottles of the same caliber and distinction for those who appreciate things beautiful and nostalgic. My perfume decanters have all the detail of circa 1920s originals, including art glass vessels, pedestals and atomizers. As charms, mini perfume bottles and French cosmetic labels are whimsical reminders of the flasks displayed on great-auntie's perfume tray.

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