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These stories gave us the chills...

Happy Halloween!

Feel your spine tingle as you read these spooky stories submitted by our followers. Got your own personal story of haunting or the paranormal? Share it here. We'll publish it and send you a $10 gift card.         

 Friend From Another Century submitted byMelodyann                                          

     When I was six years old, my family lived in a large colonial house with a porch of massive pillars, many rooms and a farm house. At top of the street on a hill, it was an imposing sight, stately, historic and somehow, gloomy, even on a sunny day. The kids in the local neighborhood referred to our 18th century home as “the haunted house,” and stayed their distance. I didn’t have many friends.
     One day I was in the back yard, playing by myself when a little girl in a red dress walked up with a ball and asked if I'd like to play. I was so excited! Finally someone to play with! I spent every afternoon playing with her, chasing each other, rolling the ball, rolling down the hill together. My mother would ask “who are you playing with?” I didn't know her name, I just knew her as my friend.
     That summer our family was having a cookout and I was on the side of the house playing with my friend. My mom came to tell me it was time to eat and I thought she was happy to see me laughing and playing with someone. But instead, she just gave me an odd look and walked away. Later,I heard my family discussing how sad it was that I had no one my age to play with. My cousin questioned, “What are you talking about? She was playing with a little blonde girl a few minutes before dinner.” My mom replied “No she wasn’t. I went back there to get her and she was alone.” She turned to me and asked me where my friend lived. I said, " Here," referring to our house. My mom gave me another odd look but said nothing.
     Weeks passed without seeing my friend, then months and years with no sight of her. Eventually, my father's job transfer meant the family was moving, but I still expected to see my friend one last time. On moving day, I left her my Garfield toy and the ball we played with in an upstairs room so that if she ever came back she’d have a few memories of me.
     On my 16th birthday, I learned the house had burned in an electrical fire. Its beauty and  history were gone, but I clung to believing that my childhood friend was still there--somewhere.
     That same week, at a family reunion, my cousin brought a stack of photos from when we all lived in the house. In one photo I'm sitting on the grass with a blue ball, appearing to play with someone who is not in the picture. But I do remember my little friend was there, wasn't she?  Then, he showed me a picture of the house the day we moved out and in the upstairs bedroom window stood a little girl in a red dress who was not me. That photo prompted a strange childhood yearning to see her again... I felt moved to visit the remains of the house.
     Early the next morning, I drove to our old neighborhood and to the top of the street where the big house once stood. Not much escaped the fire, only a few stairs in a field of rubble. Heartbroken, I wanted to just leave but a strange feeling compelled me to stay. It was as if someone was pleading for me to remain. My uneasiness gave away to shock when I spotted my old Garfield toy, unburned, next to one of the stairs. My heart pounded. I could feel her presence and that she was watching me. I waited, but as minutes passed, I saw nothing else. Slowly, I backed away without turning around.
     That year, I did a little research on the house and discovered it had quartered George Washington’s troops in 1781. Later used as a home for war orphans, many children lived without hope of adoption for reunification with their families. Many of them fell ill and died there.   

Los Tres Niños submitted by Jorge

    There is an old legend that my grandma used to tell me when I was a kid. It was about the river that ran through our village and ‘Los Tres Niños’ or the three kids. The story went that in the early 1930s there was a young family whose home was located next to the river.
    Every day the mother would go  to the river to do her laundry, as her kids played near by. One day as the sun began to go down, she called to them to return. She heard no response and set out to look for them. This was strange and not like them so the entire village went out to search for the children with no luck. It wasn't until the next day that their bodies were found floating in the river.
    The couple couldn't overcome the horror of the tragedy. One night while his wife slept, the father took their remaining child, their baby son, from his crib and walked into the river until they disappeared.
    In the morning, the mother awoke to the empty house, her husband and baby gone. She went out into the streets to look for them and stood weeping in the village square surrounded by her community all holding candles. One by one those who had gone out to search for them came back with the same news to have found nothing. Then came a group of men and one of them rushed to the center where the mother stood. He knelt before her and took off his hat and placed it on his chest. Another group of men laid the two bodies before her. “We found them in the river."
    In total shock, she gasped for breath. She took a knife from her satchel and plunged it into her own body. Her dress reddened with her blood that appeared to flow from her body like the river itself.
Legend has it that the village became haunted by their unrested spirits. For decades since, stories have been told about children being asked to come to play by three kids who beckon them into the river. Others have said that they've sees a man with a baby tied to his waist, walking into the river. Their hear the baby scream and rush to stop them, but there's nothing there. Some report the sound of a woman's voice calling the names of three boys. Others claim that a strange woman desperately knocks on their door pleading for help in locating her lost children and then vanishes.
Although these events happened more than 90 years ago, many claim they witness these hauntings today.

                                              Spooky Story #3 

                                                The Jacket

My tale begins in a wood shop where my boyfriend at the time

worked. One evening, while working late, out of nowhere, a massive amount of

wood fell over and landed on his co-worker putting him in a coma. The co-worker(We’ll call him John), was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. My later I mentioned we might want to clean his blood soaked jacket that he had boyfriend (We’ll call him Luke), was extremely heartbroken. A couple of days acknowledge it. He was too traumatized. That evening, I was suddenly awoken by stuffed behind the bed the night of the accident in deletion. He couldn’t even 

like he had seen a ghost and was in a daze tending to me to see if I was ok. Ia mysterious pain in my stomach that caused me to roll right off the bed due to my quick physical reaction & let out a sort of yelp. Luke looked spooked, told me that right before I had fallen that evening that he had encountered reassured him that I was, but was a bit confused and befuddled myself as to what just happened. There was something odd about it. A few days later Luke communicate, which was at the exact same time I had awoken with the stomach John’s spirit in the doorway of the bedroom trying to talk to him. John became frustrated trying to communicate so he came over to try to possess my body to baffled at the experience all together. After some time, John came out of the pain and had fallen off the bed. He said he didn’t tell me right away because he didn’t want to frighten me. I was definitely taken aback by the fresh knowledge of what had actually happened that night. We were both stunned . John told me there was a piece to this puzzle that he hadn’t mentioned tocoma and managed to recover! It was truly a miracle! I ended up running into John out a live music event one night. He mentioned that Luke had brought up the spooky experience to him of John’s mysterious nighttime visit while in a how this could happen while he was in a coma. Then, offering that the only way Luke because he didn’t want to scare him, but now talking to me, felt an obligation to speak freely. He admitted to having dabbled in witchcraft in the past and was skillful at astral projecting. But, he himself was confused as to my mind to Luke’s bloodied jacket from the night of the accident tucked behind this could happen would be if his blood were present in the room......there was a long pregnant pause while I stared in his eyes intensely, breathing getting heavier and heart beating more rapidly by the second as I pulled focus back in mortified. His face went cold and turned white. We just stared at each other the bed. I just knew there was something about that jacket that never quite settled with me. Whoa. Once I could finally come back to the moment and get the words out of my mouth, I broke the last bit of truth to John about the jacket. He was for what felt like eternity inside of a long minute. It was that moment of for the intrusion of his once weary spirit, I made a nervous joke making him knowing that something deeply profound and mystic had been shared between us, something that could probably only be understood by a small few if any. I think we both knew that we didn’t fully understand the extent of it ourselves so there truly was no more that could be said on the matter. He deeply apologized promise not to do that again without being invited, we both laughed uneasily, 

then hugged the hug of a lifetime, parted ways and never saw each other again.      - Calle

Spooky Story #4 

Here's a story about my friend Evan and his family. When he was little his family just moved to this beautiful house. However, they started hearing creaks and small tapping noises and didn't think much of it. One day Evan stayed home with his mom while his older siblings went to school, so bored he headed to his room. Walking towards his room he noticed movements in his sister's room. He turns to the room he sees something inside and runs to his mother. When he got to his mom he asks her if Sarah stayed home as well. She looked at him and said no she left to school with their older brother. He looked at her and said, "Then why is there a girl crying on Sarah's bed?” She froze at those words but new she needed to rationalize the situation before she scares him. She tried comforting him by saying it was his reflection in the mirror or his eyes playing tricks. She checked the room and saw nothing. A few months pass by and the tapping noises and creaks continue but nothing else. By now Evan and his mom forgot about the little girl. Evan's parents invited family over. Once Evan's cousins, aunt and uncle arrived and toured the house, he and his cousins went to play. Evan's little cousin Mandy needed to use the restroom. As she walked down the hallway she stopped to see a figure in front of her, not sure who that is she went closer. Evan and Mandy's brother went to get a snack but heard Mandy scream. Everyone rushed to her to find her on the floor crying. When her mom asked her what happen? She cried out "The girl!" Evan froze then looked to the hallway and saw nothing. Not wanting to be in the hallway anymore he went to kitchen where Mandy and her mom were. Once Evan, his siblings and his cousins were alone in the kitchen, he asked Many what she saw. She told them that the little girl with no eyes didn't want her to pass because the girl didn't like her and wanted to hurt her. Mandy started to tear up and heard her mom saying they're going home. Evan's family was not sure how to feel/do about their new home so they called a family friend. The friend recommended having the house blessed and saged. They did and the creaks and noises stopped but the apparition of the little girl was still there but only Mandy would see her. Once Mandy was older she stopped seeing the girl. In high school Evan found out that the abandoned building three houses away from him used to be an asylum in the 20s and held mostly women and children. Evan and his family finally moved out of that house but the events in that house still haunts him till this day.                                                -B. Casillas
Spooky Story #5

A few years ago my friends and I went camping by a river, and late one night we were sat around the campfire having a laugh and a good time... until we heard a strange noise coming from the trees on the other side of the river! We all went extremely quiet, and could hear laughter coming from the trees, we were really freaked out so we shined our flashlights to see if anyone was there watching us, but we couldn’t see anything at all! To this day we have no idea where the laughter was coming from, but I personally haven’t gone camping since...                              -Tomisbanshee

Spooky Story #6

The Flesh Eating House

It was a little past midnight; when a sigh of relief was heard from the Richards as they had finally finished moving into their new home. "We did it; we have our home." The Richards went upstairs into their bedroom and quickly fell asleep, but not for long, as history was about to repeat itself once more. They awoke to the breaking of glass window; the tree outside had fallen due to the thunderstorm outside. As they went down the stairs into the living room, the wife's right leg fell into a deep hole in the staircase. Covered in blood, they looked at each other in shock "this was not here; we could have never missed a hole like this." Suddenly the chandelier in the kitchen began to rock back and forth above them, they quickly moved as it came crashing down into the floor. They held each other in shock as all of these events began to unfold. The rooms went dark for a minute then back on as the lights started flashing on and off. The husband swore the living room had rearranged itself as the fireplace turned on. Something weird was happening; it was as if the house wanted them out. The windows began to aggressively open and close; the door locked itself. "NOOOOO" they screamed as they ran towards the door, but it was no use. The wife tried to crawl out of the window, but it quickly closed on her head so hard that it decapitated her in an instant. Her husband could see her eyes blinking as he looked out in horror. Her body got up and began to move towards him. Blood was gushing and squirting out of her headless neck. He looked out the window and notice that the ground was swallowing her head. And the wooden floor was doing the same with the body. He ran towards the bathroom as the lights continue to flicker. He looked into the mirror and saw the words "Get Out" written in blood. He wanted to get out but couldn't, this house had him trapped. He began to splash water on his face that quickly turned into blood. He looked at his reflection and saw his wife's decapitated body standing behind him, but as he turned around, it disappeared. The floor below began to shake and he made a run towards the stairs to the basement, blood followed him down like a river but as he opened the basement door he found a home. A peaceful, quiet place with a fireplace lit as his wife called out his name. Forgetting all the previous events he gave in. He took her hand and went in for her kiss but instead received a bloody death as his body was torn to shreds. The windows were covered in horrific blood. The floor below him consumed his shared body like a meal. This home was a flesh-eating home that feed on innocent people. The realtor forgot to mention that besides the home being over 400 years old; all of its living tenants had disappeared. Except one... his. For young blood kept him and his family alive for all these years.                            -Jorge

Spooky Story #7

One time I was having constant nightmares so I decided to ask if I can sleep in my parent’s room. That night I did, I still couldn’t sleep. Now I’ve always remembered that 3 am is the “devil’s hour” and I was always so superstitious about it. So that night, I checked my phone to see what time it was and it was exactly 3 am, and as I tried to fall asleep and close my eyes again, I saw this scary unusual shaped shadow against the window walking past and I heard a knock. Of course my parents were asleep, so I was scared to death; my heart dropped and felt the temperature go down. I didn’t open the door and all I did was go under the covers. I didn’t sleep the whole night.            -Reann

Spooky Story #8

One night whilst sleeping on the couch, I felt a sharp, two-fingered poke on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and sat up as I looked into the face of a tall man bent over me. ‘What?’ I asked. It was dark and the moonlit behind him cast him in a silhouette. I couldn’t make out his features, but his overall size and shape looked like my husband. I, of course, thought that’s who it was - but he didn’t say anything. He quickly turned from me and, without a word or any sort of noise, began quickly walking towards the basement. ‘What?’ I asked again, concerned. It seemed like there was something wrong. He walked to the basement doorway and then turned, the moonlight lit his face. It wasn’t my husband. It was a young, athletic man in a dark hoodie. He had sandy colored hair and was mid to late twenties in age. I was so confused - wouldn’t an intruder either hurt me or not wake me?! Why did he wake me and then walk away? Was he waiting for me to fully wake before he attacked? He stared at me as I panicked; then suddenly, from his feet to his head, he turned into black smoke. Before his head disappeared, he backed into a shadow in the doorway and was gone. For some reason I yelled, ‘Don’t!’ I was so confused and annoyed. I thought perhaps it was a warning, so I checked the basement, the doors, the windows everything was fine. There was no need for a warning. Why do this? It made no sense. I still cannot see the point. Was he a ghost who was just bored and wanting to annoy me? Was there some sort of convergence of parallel universes, and I appeared as a ghost in his world that he was curious about? I was able to move and speak, so it couldn’t have been sleep paralysis. But that’s the only thing I have any certainty about in regards to this experience.


Spooky Story #9
I woke up at 4 am to loud noise in my home. The night was loud as a thunderstorm went on outside. The cries of the rain could be heard as the wind blew harder and harder making the branches from the trees hit my window and the wind chimes ring even harder. This was the perfect setting for a scary night I thought, when all of a sudden I heard a glass dish break downstairs, and my phone began to ring from an unknown caller... I picked up my phone and answered but no one answered back; “hello I said”, when all of a sudden I heard a laugh come from the caller and deep breathing noise that would give anyone chills. I grew scared and I began sweating. I got up and turned on the lights and turned on the tv in my room. Another glass dish broke downstairs; I grew more scared and grabbed my phone and my baseball bat, getting ready for anything. Do I dare look downstairs and see who it is? Could it be my roommate? “MATT” I yelled is that you? No one answered. I began to worry and texted some friends to clear my mind. I heard another noise this time from the door; it was opened slowly enough to squeak and was shut hard enough to make a loud noise. Now I was officially scared, this was not just an idea I knew something was going on. I locked my bedroom door and made sure my window had the safety locked on. I texted my roommate “Are you home?” no response. Then I heard another noise, this time footsteps towards the upstairs bedrooms. I called Matt “hello” He answered on the phone, Matt are you home, I think someone broke in” I explained, “no I’m not, are you ok, do you me to come home?” “YES” I shouted as I hung up the phone. I heard thunder as the branches continue to bang against my window and all of a sudden I heard my wind chimes crash into the floor. I looked outside my window scared of what I might see. As I looked out I saw someone in my driveway waving what looked like a knife in a mask, they could see me looking out and continue to wave and point at me to make sure that I knew they were after me. The car lights went on so I could see the figure more clearly. If this was a joke it was not funny. Besides the person outside my driveway, there were more inside my home. I was scared and frighten. As I turned towards my dresser I notice my collective Funkos were not in there boxes, how could this happen? How did I miss them not being in their boxes, after all, I treasure them? This did matter as there was someone inside my home. I began to hear more footsteps growing louder and louder the closer they came to me. Frighten I called the police and they assured me they were on the way to keep hidden and stay in the line with them. All of a sudden “bang, bang, bang” was all I could hear as the person outside was punching on my door as they aggressively try to open the doorknob that was locked. I decided to lean against the door just In case the person managed to open it, when all of a sudden I heard more glass break. How many people are in here? I wondered. Then I heard my glass window make a loud noise.... someone was throwing what sounded like a rock at it. “Please hurry” I yelled at the police operator... “Please”. Then I heard running down the stairs the person had stopped trying to unlock open my bedroom door, I heard the door shut and the engine of a car starting. The headlights flashed through my window and the car drove away. Within 8 minutes the operator assured me that the police had arrived into my home. I heard the door open again and the officers downstairs asking me to stay where I was as they searched my home. I was told I could come out; as opened my bedroom door; my funko pops were aligned against my door as to block me from coming out. “Creepy” I whispered. As I walked downstairs I notice that there was one funko pop placed on every step of the staircase leading down below. When I explored the kitchen once again funkos were placed along with the broken dishes and some in the counter and shelves. As I step outside I was once again greeted by funkos by my door, they looked even scarier than ever as there big black eyes stared right at me. Where the guy was standing outside a funko pop was left. Later that morning, hours after all his happen I went into my bathroom still shaken by all of this when I saw something move in my shower. I was frightened, scared and shaken from all the previous events. I gasped for air and quickly open the curtain from my bath to see my Pennywise funko floating with a red balloon tie to it. This was too much for me all of my funkos began to appear in different places through the house and outside. Once all put back into their boxes later that day I decided that it was time for them to be put away. I placed each one into a big box and put them in my storage as I was secretly afraid they might have caused all this mess. 2 years later my roommate confessed to planning all of this with his friends, his reason? “Time to grow up and stop buying these toys,” he said. I then drove back to the storage place and brought each one back to redecorate my place with their beautiful big eyes. 
Spooky Story #10
I had the opportunity to visit the town of Salem, Massachusetts just a few weeks ago, as autumn began creeping in. On my first afternoon stroll outside my historic hotel, I decided to visit Old Burying Point, a famous cemetery on the edge of downtown - home of some of the oldest graves in the state. The weather was kind that day, with the sun shining on the silvery stones, and a cool breeze rippling through the bright leaves that still clung to their ancient oaks.
I was one of the only people walking through the cemetery that day, and I took advantage of that fact to shoot some pics with my old camera phone. As I aimed the lens towards a prominent above-ground tomb, standing beneath the dappled shadows of the so-called “hanging tree,” I couldn’t help but breathe out the single word I was thinking - “Gorgeous.”
A half second later, the word echoed beside me - mocking, belittling. A young lady’s voice, right in my ear: “Gorgeoussss!” Shocked, I stepped aside to move out of this angry woman’s way. I was embarrassed that anyone had heard my enthusiastic utterance - and realized I must appear as if I was extolling my own photography skills, instead of appreciating the view around me.
I had been sure I was the only person in that part of the graveyard, but here it seemed I was standing right in front of another Witch City tourist - and a truly witchy one at that. But to my astonishment, when I turned to apologize to the interloper, there was absolutely no one there...

Spooky Story #11

I've grown up out here in backwoods South Georgia my entire life. Our house, if you could call it that, was built thirty years ago over some empty property in the middle of nowhere. When I say nowhere, I mean, go ahead and scream as loud as you wish because no one is going to hear you. My entire life I grew up knowing my beloved grandfather whom adored me as his favorite grandchild had sadly and suddenly died in this home. Before he had a chance to build the new house on the property he died right in my room of a heart attack while he was completely alone. My entire life I had been told stories by my grandmother about her feeling like he was always with her. She could just sense his presence. It was hard to describe but with every crowed that would come by our house she would say, there he is, watching over us. With our last name being Crow it was always sweet to see this beautiful dark creature circling our house on the rare occasion that became increasingly more often over time. Fast forward ten years later and I'm fourteen at the time. Causing any mischief I possibly can, sneaking out, sneaking friends in, midnight Ouija sessions. The normal teenage angst activities. One fateful night I'm sitting in my room at three in the morning. Little did I know this was the devil's hour. My typical routine was to sit up at all hours watching terrible shows on television until I passed out from pure and utter exhaustion. This particular night that was not going to happen. I sat up growing tired of infomercials and the brightness from the television. I could not sleep however so I just sat up in my bed staring at the wall in hopes I would soon grow tired enough to finally hit my pillow and drift off to dream land. That never happened. As I sit there in my bed the night goes longer and longer until I'm staring at my flickering alarm clock watching the minutes pass. It's now creeping into two in the morning slowly turning three. When all of the sudden as I'm sitting in bed all snuggled up I see my doorknob turn completely. My house is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I think to myself this must be my grandmother coming in to check on me to make sure I'm actually asleep so I quickly slink down into my covers and pretend to be fast asleep. Then as I'm lying there with my eyes squint I watch my doorknob turn again and this time my door creaks open very slowly and I see it only open a small sliver and then it slams shut. So hard that I actually jumped from the thud. I wait no more than five minutes, my heart is racing and my palms are sweaty. I feel as though I've seen a ghost. I'm thinking to myself surely I'm losing my mind. I then get this idea that I will pretend to get up to get some water, it's so hot in the south it definitely wouldn't be strange to do so even at this hour. As I get up this chill comes over me and the house is positively freezing, my feet go instantly cold as they touch the floor. I get up and go to my door and the quiet I had heard before now feels as though the air has left the room it's so void of everything but the cold. I reluctantly open my door that is now ajar from being opened in the first place. I creep to the kitchen to make sure my grandmother is back in bed. Not only is she in bed, but she is snoring. The kind of snoring that can only be brought about due to a deep sleep. She was not only completely passed out but it was more than apparent, she hadn't been awake at all. There is only me. My heart now hurts its beating so fast. The walk to my room seemed as though I'd never get there. I finally make it back to my bed, I sit down to process what I just saw. I will never forget watching that door knob completely spin and my door open to a halt as though someone was peeking in on me and the noise it made as it slammed shut. They always said I was his favorite. He died right there in my room. It was there he came to check on me and it was there my heart skipped a beat. The house still remains and the crows still stop by. I tell him hello every time I see one and to this day I will not go into that room. Rest in peace grandpa.
                                                                   - Mica

Spooky Story #12
I feel I always know...that something will happen, should it be a plane crash, a car crash, a fall that results in a fracture or some other impending doom....and as much as I try to block it s5ays with me....and does indeed happen....also believe in the magic of nature and all the miracles both good and bad created by Mother Nature herself.....she will never change and for sure has a mind of her own.......Blessed Be                                                                            - Mary Beth

Spooky Story #13
My mother-in-law, Velia, and I were very close in life. I didn’t realize just how close we were until after she died. I always knew when Velia needed me, even from a half-hour’s drive away from the hospice care facility where she was living out her final days as a stage 4 cancer patient. Velia must have known I would still be able to sense her need to reach out to me from beyond death because on the day after her passing many years ago on May 18, she began to send me signs that she was still close by. Velia had understood I knew her favorite holiday was Christmas and she probably knew I’d recognize her attempt to contact me through the more recognizable symbols of that holiday. The first message from Velia came to me in the form of a broken, musical Mickey Mouse watch that hadn’t played its tune of “Jingle Bells” in 30 years and had been sitting for as much time on the windowsill over my kitchen sink. The second message came at Christmastime. A musical, porcelain Santa Claus figurine Velia had once given me and that I would customarily place on a dining room windowsill at the start of the holiday would suddenly play its tune upon my entering the room. Velia would continue to visit me for another year, using auditory Christmas symbols as her medium of conveyance. On the third year following her death, I received no more messages from my beloved Velia, leading me to believe she had finally found her way to her forever home. My story isn’t a Halloween story in the typical sense, but like a Halloween story, it thrills because it defies conventional thinking. There are a great many circumstances in this life for which there is no known measure of ascertaining validity, and yet those mysterious circumstances are as real to those of us who have experienced them as are circumstances that are definable through customary metrics. Happy Halloween!     - Chochico     

Spooky Story #14
Many years ago I suggested to my boyfriend and best friend that we visit Letchworth Village, an abandoned place for the insane. This place is also famous for being the first institution to test vaccines on children. Knowing the history of this place, we were definitely on guard and weary of everything we saw or heard. The first incident we had was when we were admiring some colorful graffiti on a building when I heard what sounded like a little boy’s scream come from what used to be the hospital. I knew no one was in there since the only other people we had seen were locals walking their dogs and a group of rambunctious kids wandering in the opposite direction. My boyfriend and best friend did not hear the scream, but didn’t mind checking out the hospital after I had told them what I heard, so we headed in. We followed the group of teenagers in who immediately ran off to more well-lit parts, while we investigated a dark hallway with our flashlights. Immediately my friend cried out, “Look! There’s a little boy that just ran down that hallway! We have to follow him!” my boyfriend and I looked at each other in confusion, since the hallway we had just passed was pitch black, and there was no way we were going down it. I looked to my friend and said, “What did he look like?” wondering if it was one of the teenagers, and he responded, “He was a little boy dressed in all white, little white pants and a little white button down shirt”. I again looked to my boyfriend; at this point I could tell he was spooked, so, I suggested we leave. As we were leaving we could hear the teenagers trashing the place and causing a ruckus, not wanting to be a part of that, we decided to investigate elsewhere. Suddenly my friend started running, confused, my boyfriend and I ran after him only to follow him to a small cabin. The cabin a ramp leading to a door with a broken window that had a faded yellow chair placed beneath it. We found my friend crouched down by this chair just staring at it. My boyfriend hung back while I tried to approach him only for him to quietly caution me to stay back. Thinking he was concerned about me stepping on a nail protruding from the wooden boards that were torn off the building, I stayed back. Until my friend suddenly leaped up and tried to jump through the window. I ran over to him and started yelling, “What are you doing?!” and he frantically started explaining that he was just talking to a little boy dressed in white who was sitting in the chair, when suddenly a black shadow man with red eyes grabbed him and dragged him into the building. He was hell bent on saving this little boy from the bad man when suddenly a tree branch behind my boyfriend bent and almost snapped and a whoosh of energy rushed past him on the ramp straight into the cabin. Now both my boyfriend and best friend were upset and convinced something was in the cabin. I was not convinced and I thought they were trying to play a trick on me, so I took my flashlight and shined it into the pitch black cabin only to have it reflect off the windows. It was then both my boyfriend and best friend were freaking out, claiming there were red eyes staring back at us, still not convinced and starting to get annoyed, I started heading back to the car. My boyfriend took off ahead of me, and my best friend was lagging a bit behind. I started to feel the hairs on the back of neck prickle, and I felt incredibly uncomfortable like I was being watched. Suddenly I turned around to check on him only to come face to face with a hulking 6 ft black shadow figure with red eyes. It didn’t look real, it looked like a horribly fake CGI smoke person, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I gasped and quickly shown my flashlight on it and when I did, it dissipated just like smoke and went away. I rushed my boyfriend and friend to the car, and didn’t look back.
                                                                                                            - Kyrstie M.

Spooky Story #15
      My daughter was very young and wanted to have a Halloween party. So we decided to use an unfinished space in a medical building. We decorated it with a skeleton in a coffin, fog, and much more. At one point I began to tell my own version of the Headless horseman. The kids were wide eyed and enthralled. One of the fathers actually looked terrified. After the story was over he came over to me and said those effects with the story we so unreal. Apparently when I was telling a part about the front door opening and closing it actually did!! What I forget to mention before the medical office was built a house sat on the site. The woman who owned it died there but not before telling her family if something happened she wanted it sold for the medical office. Maybe she wanted to be a part of the story too! 
                                                                                                           - Cindy F. 

Spooky Story #16

When I was very young, about six years old, I had a beautiful dog named Skipper. She was black and white with stand up ears, a long fluffy tail, and she was my best friend. Everywhere I went she would go, she loved me and was very protective. One day something terrible happened. A pack of wild dogs killed her in front of our house. I had spent the day with my grandparents and knew nothing about what had happened to her. My grandparents had a large brick house up on the top of the hill with a very long hallway. We always came in the house through the kitchen door and put our coats in the closet. When you left the kitchen you could see down the long dark hallway of the house. This particular day was no different except for the fact that when I looked down the dark hallway there was Skipper. She was standing at the end of the hall and I remember how beautiful she looked, she was glowing. I called to her but she didn't come she looked at me and wagged her tail, then turned to walk away and disappeared. My grandparents were in the kitchen making coffee when they heard me calling for her. I remember how surprised they were and how they looked at me and each other. I told them I must go find her she must have gone upstairs. My kind grandmother held me close and said “I’m sorry it can't be Skipper, she was killed and your Daddy buried her while we were in town today". I will never forget how my sweet friend came to tell me goodbye. I know in my heart that even though it's been over fifty years, someday she will return again to be by my side and we will go home.

                                                                                                               - P. M

Spooky Story #17

The Radio Station

A radio station sits on a hill overlooking the desert town of Hollow Brook. The building itself resembles more a house with its tower at its side like a loyal companion. Despite facing violent sand storms and searing heat, the building remains intact and only appears slightly worn with age. However, the edifice possesses a mysterious atmosphere due to still being in operation despite no one being seen leaving or entering the building. Its broadcasts are peculiar in that transmitted messages originate from various distances and times only to those in Hollow Brook. This quirk has been the inspiration for many haunting tales shared between the residents of the quiet desert town. Andy, a boy of ten years in age, had been raised listening to these cleverly crafted tales and had always held a fond curiosity for the radio station. His interest had only elevated through the years as his bedroom window was perfectly situated to view the looming structure. He spent many hours looking out the window, reflecting on the stories that had woven their way into the deep recesses of his mind and wondering what the truth of the radio station could possibly be. Like the radios in town, he felt the building signaled to him and was compelled to answer its call. One afternoon when the day was sunny but quite manageable, he gave into his overwhelming curiosity. He rode his bike with determination to this singular location of his obsession. Though it was some distance, his legs never tired and not once did his focus waver as interest encouraged him onward. However, as the distance diminished, a sense of dread began to seep in his being and settle in the marrow of his bone, yet his stubborn determination pushed him forward. Several feet from the building he dismounted his bike and stared at the station with hesitation and awe. A miasma of malevolence encased the radio station and weakened Andy's bravery. As apprehension and curiosity quarreled within him, his gaze became transfixed on the exterior edifice. He found himself examining its beige walls, dark shingles, windows caked in dust. The structure seemed both familiar and foreign in some indescribable way. He only dared to approach the radio station when his desire for answers to unspoken questions became greater than his unsettled doubt. He found the door locked and the windows sealed; with no obvious way of entry he made himself content by standing on his toes and peering through the windows. The dust that clung to the windows diminished the quality of his vision, but not enough to discourage him and his mission. Inside, he could just make out a desk with a coffee mug resting on the wooden surface. Beside the generic piece of ceramic was a microphone speckled with rust and scattered before the piece of archaic technology were pieces of paper that Andy presumed discussed the news with a humorous flare. However, it was the chair behind the desk that held the young boy's focus. The chair was turned away from the window, but Andy could see the rounded top of a head and an arm casually placed on the arm rest. These two body parts didn't seem quite right. Both looked as though they were composed of thin red and white cords. The appearance of the head and arms reminded the curious child of muscles one might find in book about the human body. Andy's attention was only pulled away when he noticed a slow movement emerging into the room. He held his breath in anticipation as the person limped into his view. Though, "person" wasn't quite the correct word for what he saw. Something appearing as a man had a twisted left leg, slowing the creature's gait as it dragged the appendage across the carpeted floors. The thing had skin that sagged, like the body within was too thin for the flesh it wore or was in the middle of melting away from its core. Two small white dots peered out from the black gaping holes where one's eyes are often found and its mouth was frozen in an eternal frown so that it appeared to be in a state of shock and horror. Andy ducked beneath the window, taking slow shallow breaths as cold fingers of trepidation gripped him, worming its way to the marrow of his bone. He couldn't believe what he saw, though he wasn't sure if his disbelief stemmed from the abnormality of the monster or some desire to will the abhorrent creature away as some nightmare. Andy shut his eyes tightly, took a few deep breaths, and stood on his toes once more to confirm or deny the creature's existence. Separated only by a thin sheet of glass, he stood face to face with the amalgamation of horrors disguised in human flesh. Two white dots observed him. At such a close proximity Andy could see with more clarity the skin that adorned the creature's body. This outfit of sorts was wrinkled, weathered, and was indeed the flesh of a human man. The young boy felt immobile while he observed the creature with grotesque interest. Beyond the shadow crafted by the sagging, gaping mouth, Andy could make out a menacing grin. In a state of panic, Andy turned from the window and fled to his bike, hurriedly pumping his legs on the pedals and retreated to the safety of his home below the watch of the station and the monster that ruled its walls. He kept his blinds and curtains shut, never daring to look at the station that overlooks the small town of Hollow Brook if he could help it. As years passed, Andy grew older and the memory of the events at the radio steadily became fainter. At first the encounter was a vivid memory that became nightmares and eventually childish imaginations conjured from the many stories of his youth. The ghastly exploration became a story to all, but one. The monster saw Andy and it never forgot him.
- Alexandria G.

Spooky Story #18

I was a young nurse just beginning my career. I had a patient who was in the stages of dying. I was at his bedside and he grabbed my arm and yelled "Satan is here to take me." Don't let him take me. I blessed him and said a prayer over him and he died peacefully shortly after. I wasn't frightened until I got home and thought about what happened.                                                          - Navy Nurse

Spooky Story #19

Sometimes when I fall asleep before my husband he will come in and squeeze my foot to let me know he is there in the room (I am very jumpy due to PTSD). One night he was live streaming and I went to go lay down , I got into bed with my dog and closed my eyes still awake .All of a sudden I felt I slight tug at my comforter , didn’t think much of it but then my husband came in a squeezed my foot . When I sat up to say something, he wasn’t there I yelled for him asked him he said no it wasn’t him.                                                                                                                    - Justyne L. 

Spooky Story #20

My older sister and I where home alone talking, in her bedroom .We were probably around the ages of 12 and 13. We were laughing when all of a sudden we heard the TV in the living room, but it wasn't a TV show it was just white noise. So we got up together and turned it off, we continued our conversation on the couch, when the TV turned on again it was still white noise but this time the volume started turning up. So my sister and I got really scared and ran out the back door , but we looked back in and saw it still on but the channels where flipping through and then volume was going up and down , My sister nudged me " Go unplug the TV ." "You do it!” I say back to her . But she gave me a look so I ran inside unplugged the TV when I was almost to the back door the door slammed shut and I couldn't get out. I wasted no time I ran through my garage out the back door. We waited till my step dad got home told him what had happened , so he checked the door knob and took it apart and the inside of it was broken .
Still can’t explain what happened that day or ever talk about it. 

                                                                                                               - Justyne L.

Spooky Story #21

I believe my mother’s spirit lives in my home. I have 2 fans and a light that are on the opposite side of the wall of my mom’s urn. Every single day when I get back from work the fans and light are on even though they are turned off when not in use, which is very rarely and the switches are not easy to accidentally turn on. It’s only those three items that come on by themselves. They have come on randomly while crying too. It’s oddly comforting. Also I live alone.                      - B.Couch

                                                             Spooky Story #22

I was alarmed when awakened about 1:00 a.m. to hear a lawnmower running in the backyard of the elderly ladies living next door. I peeked out my bedroom window to see a stranger in their yard pulling the lawnmower rope. As I peered through the blinds he looked up catching me there.

Embarrassed I turned around and thought I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I had a reversible quilt on my bed that I always kept on the blue side but earlier that day decided to turn for the first time ever to the pink side. As I looked down at the bed there was a human form. I reached for the cover and as I pulled it down my dead aunt lay there looking up at me extending her arms as saying “come to me.” I remember the hollow scream as nothing came out and I was lifted upward from the floor moving backwards. I woke up (for real) standing in the hall outside of my closed bedroom door. I got rid of the quilt the next day.                                                            - Pat

                                                               Spooky Story #23

This is a real ghost story that still occurs today. I have a friend who works at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, and there is a legend of a girl in a white sweater that haunts the road through the Park. The story goes that a young man will be driving at night and spot a girl in a white sweater by the side of the road. When he pulls over to offer her a ride, she accepts and says that she was stranded by a friend. When he goes to drop her off at the address she gives, she gets out in a hurry and leaves behind her sweater. At first the guy doesn't notice it's there, but when he goes to return the girl her sweater, the man who answers the door says that she died years ago, after a car accident. To this day people who drive the park still think they see her, in her white sweater.                     - JTB Writer

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