Friday, August 30, 2019

CATS: 6 simple rules to living the good life

Cats fill our lives with value, beauty and humor. If you’re cat-neutral or (heaven forbid) cat-negative, chances are you’ve never really gotten to know one. Yes, they do everything on their own terms and they tend not to be impressed with us humans. They’re more a part of our world than we probably figure in theirs. Loving a cat is a learned by degrees of observation and interaction. Once a cat knows you respect his dignity and intelligence, you'll savor the lifetime affection of this special companion. 

Here's a cat themed treasure that will deliver on style, show your love for felines and, not incidentally, support cat rescue and protection charities. (We donate a hefty slice of our proceeds from sales.) 

Good Life Cat Charm Bracelet

Cat Charm Bracelet by Sweet Romance
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Cats live by these six simple rules. Each is inscribed on a separate charm. If you follow them, you'll enjoy major stress reduction, boosted confidence, greater love in your life and better health. Wise, yet playful, this bracelet can accompany your daily journey, reminding you (and others) of these paths to happiness

The message charms alternate with hand made glass cats in jade, black, white and tortoise. They are made in vintage molds and hand finished as they've been for more than a century. Bracelet chain is a fluid double rolo and fits wrists 6 to 8 inches. Hand burnished bronze finish. The design is from my drawing board and entirely made in our Los Angeles studio. 

Bastet Cat Goddess
Who are these little glass cats, anyway?  Glad you asked!  During the early 20th century, glass makers in Bohemia molded Bastet cat beads for use in Egyptian Revival jewelry, as the fashion world joined the mania set off by the discovery of Tut's tomb in 1929. Among the treasures of the tomb was a large lacquered figure of Bastet, the cat goddess of the Eastern Delta during the 22nd dynasty of Egypt. She represented the life-giving power of the sun.                                     

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