Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Deco Crazy - 1920s Favorite

Don't wear this necklace near your deco-crazy sister unless you're moved to gift it to her.  Not many decent examples of vintage Czech examples of 1920s lavalieres are available in the market these days, at any price. I designed several links and the open setting to serve as a pendant for a pear shape prism. The elongated prism was hand cut in the same manner as those produced in Radl, a Czech village that cut glass on tin wheels in the early 1900s. The feminine motif of the necklace links, the filigree panels and contour of the pendant all convince the eye that this piece might have belonged to Great Aunt Mavis, the family's daring flapper. Not incidentally, all the square and round stones are Czech and are set in knife-edge bezels so that all the manufacturing is characteristic of vintage originals.

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