Thursday, June 11, 2015

Is it breaking away from the daily grind we yearn for?

Route 66 Jewelry for the journey
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He and I loved the freedom of the open road in summertime. One year, we rambled through the southwest via old Route 66 in his dad’s restored Plymouth, a boat-of-a-sedan made for comfort and luxuryThe look of that car fit right in—it completed the scenery of 66.  There was an added dimension of harmony and nostalgia seeing it parked at old gas stations, trading posts, rusted neon signs and abandoned cabins.  We cruised through Arizona with windows wide open. Scorching heat created a shimmery haze on the distant road and it bleached the desert sky a faded aqua blue. I remember his easy laugh, my shiny red fingernails, our cooler full of root beer and sandwiches. 

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Maybe you’ve done the trip, too. Or want to someday. Is it breaking away from the daily grind we yearn for? What is it for you? What grabs your heart and kindles your imagination? Please post your comment...
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  1. I keep seeing (and buying) your jewelry. No other designer brand comes anywhere close to the amazing ideas and craftsmanship you have in your work. I bought the antelope skull earring holder, because I couldn't get over the detail. I did Route 66 with my bf last Sept--saw the skulls tied up to phone poles off the highway. At first I thought it was creepy. After seeing a lot of them, and in the light of sunsets, you totally get how beautiful they are. btw, we drove it in a Jeep. Hot as hell !! thanks from May Hollander