Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hot Summer Color Palette

Candy Squares Bracelet
The decade of the 1960's, thought to be the anti-establishment, anti-fashion decade, ironically, brought fresh direction to the fashion industry. Simply put, everything that had been "in" was now "out" and vice versa. So, right along with Twiggy and Mary Quant, there was huge interest in bright color, beads and fringe. Our millefiori candy glass and crystal designs recreate the mood.

The Sweet Romance Candy Glass collection comes alive with a kaleidoscope of vibrantly colored handmade millefiori glass, crystals and beads! Millefiori means ‘thousand flowers.’ Entirely handmade in the murano style, bundles of tiny glass filament rods are sliced, then fired to meld their brilliant colors and floral patterns. No two pieces are ever identical. The intense, heady primary colors of the glass fibers fused as beads are complemented by the softer sparks of the machine cut crystal beads. A brilliantly colorful splash of 1960s color, the glass beads and crystal blaze in hues of scarlet, aqua, orange, peridot, citrine, fuchsia, tanzanite, coral, pale sapphire and tangerine. Heavy 14K gold plate chain provides a warm, rich counterpoint for this riot of color.

Set of 2 Candy Glass Necklaces
The latest, hottest look is long and layered chains. From an engraved oval chain, dangles clusters of hand-made millefiori glass beads and disks, making this necklace fun and captivating. Wear your favorite Candy Glass summer necklace, long or doubled or layered with other Sweet Romance candy glass necklace ropes. Marvelous against basic black. Totally "urban chic."

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