Thursday, October 02, 2014

Who hasn’t broken a few hearts or caused a little ruckus?

Let your heart be lassoed by the spirit of the American west!

Just a little knowledge about women of the American frontier has been potent inspiration for me to design “Ollipop Goes Country.” It’s a spirit-filled and soul-stirring tribute to pioneer women, to cowgirls of the West, both the old and the new. 

They set out on treacherous journeys toward rough and often lawless destinations to pursue homesteading, gold prospecting, cattle ranching and skullduggery, too. Women persevered alongside menfolk, contributing courage, resourcefulness and fortitude to every role their circumstances dictated.

Not only were they homemakers, candle makers, cooks and weavers, but they trail-blazed as town organizers, merchants, medicinal healers, social reformers, wranglers, farmers, sharpshooters, outlaws and rodeo performers. 

At Wild West Shows, the famed Annie Oakley shunned the convention of riding sidesaddle. She rode astride on a Western saddle, symbolic of a new kind of pioneer and the dawn of the cowgirl. 

Produced in our California, USA factory, each piece is bestowed with our exquisite sculptural detail and fabrication techniques which merge fashion and art. My collection offers a comprehensive assortment with versatile silhouettes and matching pieces. Premium leather and natural gemstones mingle with desert creatures, colors of the earth and symbols of life as a country gal. The perfect fit for a laid back, denim casual look infused with southwestern flavored drama.

Go and kick up a little dirt…

You ain’t seen nothin’ ‘til you see our Look Book!
Get your own copy—you’ll savor the story and photos of jewelry that transmit the legacy of hope and vision: the hilarity and heartbreak of the Wild West. Wearing each piece in our ‘Ollipop Goes Country’ collection will inspire a new story...  You decide what it will say.

Click here to order the book or call 800-935-1935. You can also view it online in a format with flappable pages and convenient direct links for ordering:

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