Thursday, May 21, 2015

1950s Chic: Pearls past & Present designing Sweet Romance, I strive to build out collections with concepts derived from significant design eras of the past. To amplify the vintage essence of the piece, I often incorporate antique and historical elements.  I draw from a wonderful inventory of glass and crystal which I purchased in the early years of Sweet Romance. such buy yielded a stack of crystal envelopes labeled “Starlight.” Untouched since the 1950s, they contain fancy cut stones in the most sublime aurora color. Starlight is shadowy and seems to emit a muted rainbow which pairs well with any color or material. 
I selected Starlight in a palette of warm golden crystal and pearls for a collection that expresses the style of the 1950s, when costume jewels became important in expressing the latest fashions.

Interpreting the great style of the 1950s, this chain of elongated links, pearls and crystal beads is a mix of delicate textures and warm color. It suspends a loop shape pendant encrusted with taupe pearls, champagne and vintage starlight crystal. The variegated shapes of the stones and pearls enhance the irregular shape and settings that form the loop.

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