Monday, October 26, 2015

Love Transcends Time

If you believe that love transcends time, that’s the message I’m hoping to bring to you with this jewelry suite. I had the good fortune to be around when the Victoria and Albert museum got together portraits by Levina Teerlinc, a woman, and an important woman at that. She was the royal painter at the Tudor court, specifically Elizabeth I. In 1564, she painted a portrait of Elizabeth wearing what appeared to be a bracelet just peeking beneath the hem of her sleeve which was a series of emblems and insignias attached to a chain. By no mere coincidence, the same set of emblems and insignia were worn on the Canterbury Chain of Robert Dudley, which was also seen in portraits of him.

Elizabeth elevated Robert Dudley to the peerage in the same year she was 31 years old. He was a common nobleman around the court. It goes without saying – says I – that they had a remarkable love relationship which lasted 30 years. When Elizabeth died, among her most personal and treasured belongings was a letter that she inscribed on the envelope: “The last letter he sent me.”’ If there is such a thing as transcending decades, there is such a thing as transcending centuries.  It’s no mystery that the love and passion of probably the greatest and most legendary woman monarch who ever lived will appeal to the modern woman of today.

My quest to recreate the fabled necklace and bracelet resulted in this design, transmitting opulence through exquisite hand-worked detail and a regal palette of crystal and vintage stones. Each miniature emblem, plated in gold, silver and bronze, is mounted on a bronze finish book chain that has been produced from old dies of the late 1800s. Many artists have contributed to the creation of your jewelry. May it lift your spirits and make you feel just a little bit like royalty. 

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