Friday, September 25, 2015

These leaves will never fade...

Sure to be a favorite autumn keepsake!
Little squirrels chatter among a fall harvest of pearl acorns, Czech glass leaves and leaves of different trees in copper and bronze. Note the enamel leaf on the toggle clasp. In the 1940s, larger, expressive costume jewels were indispensable accessories to fashion. Throughout autumn, retail jewelry counters swelled with novelty pieces. Wooden acorns were clustered on plastic chain. Carved bakelite leaves formed bar pins. Even natural nuts and pods were crafted into jewelry. Lavish charm bracelets became the rage! In the 1950s, designers began creating bolder pieces with colors and themes neither inspired by nor adapted from previous jewelry. 

Hungry little squirrel
Our bracelet displays a Fall harvest of glass pearl acorns, autumn color glass and metal leaves. Can you spot the three hungry little squirrels hiding among the leaves? Keep it forever and flaunt it every fall! Jingle jangle warmth and whimsy.

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  1. All my life I have enjoyed watching 1940s era movies- I love the fashion and jewelry - I guess I identify with that era the most. I love fall and the crackling of the leaves after a hot summer. Most of all I love charm bracelets